For those of you who weren’t able to make it to our classes, I wanted to share how they went. Before the day started I was feeling kind of nervous, almost like it was the first day of school! It didn’t take too long before my jitters disappeared and I got lost in the glitter and festive excitement. Travis started off each of the classes demonstrating making a wreath from start to finish so all the students could get a better idea how to select items that would all compliment each other and also to see how those individual items all come together to create a gorgeous wreath. After the demonstration all the students selected their ribbon and together we went through how to make a bow as well as some loops and tails to be tucked throughout the wreath. From there they selected their decorations to match the ribbon, Travis brought a TON for everyone to chose from. Then everyone pretty much just went to town! As they worked away Travis and I were right there to help answer questions. Everyone had really paid great attention to Travis, so there was only a little assistance needed really, a little help picking out final items to finish off their wreaths or figure out good placement but overall everyone did such a great job!!


One of my favourite parts was getting to see what everyone chose to go with in colour and style. We had some earthy, natural wreaths with burlap, cones and twigs and other wreaths completely covered in bold, beautiful colours and bling. Some women even surprised themselves with what they chose, originally planning to use traditional red, greens and gold and walking away with a stunning wreath in fuchsia and silver!


All in all it was a really fantastic day, it was great to see so many people come out to play with us and at the end I was 100% feeling the Christmas spirit! Just to remind people if they were sad that they weren’t able to make it out, if you get a group of 5 or more people we can host another class for you! You can just send us a message on the Facebook page or you can email Travis at to find out more info. Or, if you aren’t the crafty type and you just want to simple buy a wreath already decorated in your colour scheme, we can do that for you too! We have quite a few that are already done up and ready to go or we can custom make something just for you, they are selling fast for just $45!! Some of our students left the class with not only the wreath they made, but also 2 or 3 more to take home for friends and family.


We were both so pleased with how the classes went and consider our first try a success!! We are hoping to host more classes in the future – perhaps some more holiday classes, some simple classes on how to pick out healthy plants/flowers OR some super fun classes to help DIY brides to learn how to properly assemble the basics (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres). We are going to spend some time in the near future mapping out some class plans, and your opinions are important to us! If there is something that you have always wanted to learn, we would love to hear from you. Until next time, check out some more wreaths from this weekend!



Well friends, I think it is safe to say that winter is here!! The snow, the cold, but best of all – the Christmas spirit! The malls have Christmas carols going, people are decorating and I have started my Christmas baking. You know what else is an awesome way to get in the festive mood… wreath making classes this Saturday! As you may know, Travis and I will be teaching some classes and we do still have some spaces available for this of you who are open on Saturday and game to have some holiday fun.


We have a mother/daughter class at 10 am for $120 (each get to take a wreath home) that only has room for a couple more pairs, and then 3 other classes throughout the day for $80. I think this class is such a fun idea and wanted to share with everyone just a bit more information about it.

Everyone will get a pre-greened wreath base, and I want to clarify these won’t be the flat, limply lifeless ones you sometimes see at the grocery stores. No, these will be nice, full wreaths with an assortment of beautiful, healthy Christmas greens. One of my favourite things about fresh Christmas wreaths are the SMELL! Anyway, along with the wreath base we will have tools for everyone, and full assortment of goodies. Ribbons, pine cones, Christmas balls, twigs, artificial sprays all in a range of different colours so that everyone can mix and match to personalize their wreath to their own personal style.



Along with the items listed above, you will be getting the instruction from Travis on how to properly assemble the wreaths. She will show you how to wire all the items securely onto your wreath with proper mechanics so that you wreath will hold up well, and at the end of winter, you could even clip off the items to reuse for the next season. I will be there as well to offer assistance and while everyone is working Travis and I will work our way around the room to lend help where needed and answer any questions. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from people “I have always wanted to be a florist, it looks like so much fun!”, and while it is definitely a lot of hard work at times it really is a very fun and rewarding job. I am really excited for this opportunity to help people learn a new (and fun!) skill and give a mini peak into the life of a florist.


This class is perfect for the holidays, you can give the wreath as a gift or keep it for yourself, come on your own (we are really quite friendly!) or bring one of your girlfriends for a great time. We will have some warm apple cider to share along with some treats. We know this is a busy time of year and we have received some comments from you guys that while you are interested, you are busy this Saturday. Have no fear! We do have a ton of wreaths so if you have a few friends that would like to take a mini class with us, email Travis at and we can look at setting that up for you. If you haven’t already registered click HERE to do so! Hope to see you there!