Hey everyone! As I am sure you have seen on our Calyx Floral Design page we have been busy, busy, busy designing up a storm! Our fingers sticky with sap, hands chewed up from cedar and glitter… everywhere. The other day I was out in public after working and was asked if I worked with small children because I had glitter all over my face. Even with the sticky, glittery mess we are having so much fun. We love playing around with the different colour schemes, mixing fun textures and getting our Christmas on! We have had a flood of people messaging us wanting to know how to get their mitts on some Christmasy Calyx designs so we wanted to share a little post so you guys know where to find us!

First of all, you can order right online! We have this handy dandy order form for our most popular items – Who Trees, Wreaths and Outdoor Urns. If you are looking for the easiest way to order, this is the way to do it! You can let us know what you want, in which colours, when you want it, and also an area for additional comments (this is great for those of you ordering multiples!). We highly recommend using this order form to ensure we catch your order. Facebook has been flooded with comments and messages of “I want one!” and we want to help you!

Did you know that your Christmas spirit will grow 3 sizes if you order a Who Tree?

Next up, we have limited quantities of WhoTrees over at TaDah Home Store! They are having a Christmas event THIS Thursday from 1pm-7pm. If you are looking to get out of the house for a fun little shopping experience this is a great opportunity! TaDah Home Store is a super cute shop in Blackfalds (5004 Broadway Ave!) filled with locally hand made home decor & gift items. We will have some Who Trees and Wreaths there and they have some fun things planned including some sweet deals on Christmas items, yummy treats and a photo booth! Check out the event on facebook and head over Thursday to get yourself something pretty!

After the Christmas Event at TaDah, we have our WREATH CLASSES!!!! I would like to just take a moment to express how overjoyed Travis and I are to announce that our classes are SOLD OUT!!!!! The response has been crazy, and we really are SO excited to play with you all. What started as just as an fun idea for us has turned out to be such a fun project and we thank you all so much for your involvement. Before I go TOO ooey gooey on you all, we will continue on along. For the wreath classes, we will bring along some extra goodies for those that want to snag something for a friend or bring home something pretty for themselves. For those of you who DIDN’T buy tickets…. refer back to our ordering form and try again next year! 😉

Last, but certainly not least, we will be doing a POP UP SHOP! Travis and I have been chatting a little while about the potential of doing a pop up shop because we thought it would be super fun, and now we get to! Our pop up shop will be at GLOW JUICERY which is just over by Bower Mall. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would recommend it! They have delicious cold pressed juices, super food smoothies and raw food options. One look at the reviews section on their facebook page and you will see people have been loving the yummy juice and amazing customer service experience they receive when they go. Anyway, along with healthy, tasty beverages you will also find US there on Friday, December 11th from 11am-6pm. Along with Who Trees and Wreaths we will have some centerpieces up for grabs to jazz up your home during all the Christmas visiting. Super pumped for this, so I really hope we will see you there!

So there you have it. Just as a quick breakdown you can order online HERE, find us at TaDah Home Store in Blackfalds, at our Wreath Classes this weekend OR at our Pop Up Shop in Glow Juicery on Friday, December 11th from 11am-6pm. Stay tuned on Facebook as we share photos of Calyx goodies and activities!

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