Monday Mini Tip

Hi friends,

Along with sharing photos Travis and I thought it would be fun to share little mini tips. We have some knowledge and experience and thought we could share some of our tips with our brides. We won’t be able to share EVERY Monday, but we will try to keep up as often as we can. If you ever have anything you would like to know more about, feel free to give us a shout and ask. Today, our tip is on communication during wedding season.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. It makes it so quick, easy and convenient for communication, text, facebook, email etc. We almost always have our phones near for quick responses. That being said…. we always have our phones on us and there can sometimes be the expectation that people are always available to respond immediately. As professionals we obviously try our best to get back to all messages as quickly as we can, but wedding season can make it challenging.

Typical wedding season is from May to October, with some months busier than others.  Fresh flowers obviously cannot be done far in advance so we are busy working Thursday afternoon/night, Friday and Saturday is busy with pick ups, deliveries, tidying etc.  This isn’t exclusively for dealing with your wedding florist, but just to keep in mind when dealing with your professionals. Event planners can be extremely busy throughout the weekend with rental pick ups, set up, tear downs, returning rentals etc. Photographers may be traveling, scouting locations. During the weekends when most people are taking breaks and have the time to work on wedding planners we are busy hustling and bustling to make wedding magic happen. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t text/email/facebook message any of your wedding professionals during the weekend, but typically you will have better success getting in touch beginning of the week or if you are messaging over the weekend rush expect that there could be some delays in response while we are busy making beautiful things for our beautiful brides!

Stay tuned for more Monday Mini Tips, happy Monday people!



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