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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I just came back from a lovely family holiday in Radium and I am feeling nice and refreshed! Since it is Monday, it is time to share a Monday mini tip! Today’s mini tip is about wedding flower pick ups.

A decent amount of our brides make arrangements for someone to pick up their wedding flowers. Wedding day can quite busy, so often it is a bridesmaid or a relative that is coming to pick up. While it is a pretty easy job, there are some things that you need to make sure your flower helper knows.

1) Flowers are fragile. you don’t want them banging about in a vehicle because it will make the flowers look not so hot. While we do our best to make sure they are packaged with care to prevent any damage, you may not want to ask your speed demon Uncle to do the job. You also do not want to have them in the bed of a truck (unless covered) or in a convertible car where the wind will be beating up the flowers, unless it is a large piece (ex. Floral urns) where your options may be limited and the arrangement is secured well.

2) The flowers need space. We do package them with care, in boxes, spaced apart to limit the bouquets bumping each other. This makes it easy because instead of carrying individual little vases/boxes for each bouquet, it should be limited to 1 or 2 bigger boxes to load in and out. But, they aren’t super small boxes, so you will want to make sure whoever picks up the flowers has a vehicle that is big enough, and that they aren’t also making 20 other pick ups and have a full vehicle.

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3) Flowers don’t like to get too hot or too cold.  Same as how you don’t want to leave a kid or a pet in the car, you also don’t want to leave the flowers in the car. Maybe the repercussions aren’t AS serious as with babies/pets…. but you still don’t want to do it! Summer can get extremely hot, and if flowers get left in a hot car, they are not going to be happy. At all. No matter how good of quality, even if they are in water, if they get too hot they will wilt and look sad. You do not want this. For those winter brides, it is still something that needs consideration. We will obviously bag up the flowers to protect from the cold, but it is limited how much we can do to so they should not stay for an extended period of time in super hot or super cold areas.

4) Centerpieces may require care.  If your helper is picking up centerpieces for the reception there may be some additional care. To make traveling easier, we try to limit the amount of water we put in the vases. Too much water will mean super heavy boxes, and it also means water sloshing around in the vehicle which can make a soggy mess. But, the flowers do need water, so once they have been taken to their location, they should be topped up to ensure they stay happy.

5) Responsibility shifts hands at pick up. Most florists will have this (or a similar) policy. When flowers are picked up we have a sheet that lists off all the items that were ordered so that whoever picks up can double check it is all there, and they will be required to sign off that they were received in good condition. We do this because we have no idea who is coming to pick up the flowers, and once they are out of our care we have no control over the situation. So, it isn’t a difficult job, you want to make sure whoever does it for you is going to treat them with care.

It can be a busy day, so if you are having a hard time finding someone you know will be reliable for the job, or if you have any concerns about it, we are able to deliver for you. Travis has a trailer that has tons of space for taking all your flowers, it is $40 for local delivery, $50 + $0.50/km for long distance, $50/hr for set up and $75/hr for take down.

Hope you all found today’s mini tip helpful! Keep checking in on the facebook page and on instagram to see some pictures of some of the gooooooorgeous weddings we are working on.


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