With This Ring Fall Bridal Gala 2015

Hey everyone, happy weekend!!

Today we are finally sharing photos from the fall With This Ring Bridal Gala! We have been meaning to share these for awhile magically time just keep sneaking away on us! As always, we had a lot of fun designing away for this bridal gala. We kept some of the design elements from the Engaged Bridal Gala booth we had done, but brought in some fun new items like the stunning floral chandelier that Travis designed over our table and a fun floral fireplace. Also, this gala was our first time showcasing our new wedding packages!! If you haven’t already checked them out I would really encourage you to do so, they aren’t your typical packages. There are several bouquet options to choose from with lots of flexibility for you to customize them to your liking. I would be willing to bet that as you look through the photos you won’t be able to tell which bouquets are a package option and which are custom wedding designs! As always we had some floral hair pieces, but I extra loved these ones, especially the one Travis wore with the trailing hyacinth blooms, which I always go ga-ga for!

We have a few people to thank! It really makes a huge difference having a professional photographer come in for us to capture our designs. A super big thank you to the wonderful Lindsay Nickel Photography for again taking the time to help us out! Having a gorgeous model also helps, we used one of With This Ring‘s models, Tina Wilson and that beautiful gown she is wearing is from Your Wedding Place. The floral table is one of our rental items, but the lovely chairs + tableware came from our friends over at Special Event Rentals. It truly means a lot to us to have such positive relationships with so many wonderful wedding vendors! That all being said, here are the pictures, enjoy!

It might be snowy outside, but we are already busy booking for 2016! Get the Calyx Team for your wedding, book your consult today!

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