A Day in the Life of a Wedding Florist

Good morning!  I have been waiting a while to share these photos with you; today just feels right!  We are gearing up for a busy wedding season and just can’t wait!  Last summer Julie MacKinnon came by with her camera and spent the day with the girls and I while we spent the day designing.  After looking at the photos I learned a bit about myself….I sure do spend lots of time drinking coffee, lots of time on my phone, and even more time staring at my flowers (I make this really strange ‘flower’ face – kind of a cross between perplexed, needing to sneeze and being in love!)  So… without further ado… join me for a Day in the Life of a Florist…

I always start the day out in my office, checking emails, replying to Brides, posting on Facebook and Instagram …and visiting with my cat (His name is Sprout, and he is possibly the strangest cat I have ever met!)… and coffee (always coffee!)

My office is kind of my special place; this is where I meet all of my brides.  I always keep flowers in here (Check out these gorgeous Cosmos from our local flower farm!) and I have a whole wall of Thank you cards sent to me by happy couples.

Then its time to head out to the studio and get to work!  Its not pretty… but it really doesn’t need to be.  Everything out there is designed for function, and with the amount of mess we make (flower stems, leaves, hot glue, spray paint, and glitter… sooooo much glitter!) this is definitely the for the best!  My little dog Shadow always comes out with me, most of the time she’s happy sleeping under the stairs but she has superdog hearing whenever someone opens food!

This was a busy weekend (I think we had about 6 weddings that Saturday!) and in order to pull this off and make sure every single one of those brides feels like my only bride; I need to be pretty darn organized!  I make this happen with lists… I’m a big list maker… and most of all I love to cross things off my list, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

The girls arrive between 9 and 10 and (and after more coffee) we get started…. I have a pretty incredible team of florists working for me and we manage to have a ton of fun.  There is always so much laughter – and always a few completely inappropriate, yet hilarious jokes!  Jana makes beautiful floral crowns and Brandi Lee is so incredibly creative, I have a major thing for Bridal bouquets… everyone has their unique skills and talents and so why not take advantage!

We work, we laugh and get things done!  By 5pm, the cooler is full, the flowers are beautiful, the floor is a MESS, and we are exhausted!

And then at the end of the day, I get to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of wine and start preparing for the NEXT weekend!