2015 Wreath Class

So I know Christmas has past and everyone is moving on to other exciting things like ski trips and Valentine’s Day plans and spring holidays and planning weddings after getting engaged over the holidays… but we really wanted to share a little on how this years wreath classes went!

We did our group wreath classes at the beginning of December and they went AWESOME! This year we held the classes at Special Event Rentals and it worked out great! They graciously lent us their space and went above and beyond to accommodate our needs! We had tons of room in the work space to set up all of our Christmas goodies – ribbons, twigs, sprays, balls etc, have lots of room for everyone to sit and move around. For the evening classes we also got to use their beautiful show room where we got to spend time mingling, sipping champagne and snacking away on treats from Eat Catering. Now, lets just stop for a moment. The food from Eat Catering was ah-mazing! We started off with some snackies and after we finished our bows a delicious assortment of warm appetizers and desserts. She also had a wonderful assortment of wines and wonderful job keep us topped up! If you haven’t got the opportunity to Marrianne’s food, check her out. She even hosts monthly Chef’s Tables – check out her website for more details! One last shout out to Lindsay Percy who owns All Eternity Wedding Planning who was kind enough to help us with the set up and take down for our event. We feel so blessed to get to work with such wonderful people in our community!

Anyway, this was our funnest year yet! We got such a positive response from everyone who attended, as far as we can tell everyone seemed to have such a great time – especially in the evening classes where wine was involved! My favourite part is the end of the class getting to see what everyone has designed and EVERYTIME it amazes me just how different everyone’s wreath looks. It is cool to see what people are inspired by and how everyone likes to pair different colours or textures together in ways that I wouldn’t think of. I was so proud to see what a good job everyone did and how great the wreaths turned out. Take a look for yourself!!

Along with our big, group classes we also did a private class for a group of ladies having a Christmas Party! They had a great little set up.  We met up at one of the community centers in West Park, they had a pot luck with lots of yummy treats and some fun Christmas tunes going. It was a really fun class! The ladies got to have such a nice time chatting away while we worked and it was a little bit more of an intimate setting so we were able to spend extra time interacting with all of the ladies.

We have been overwhelmed with the response from people on the wreath classes! It was so great getting to see everyone, and we had just as much fun as you guys did! We loved shaking things up and adding in the catering and we are already brewing ideas for next year! We had so many people attended this year, but afterwards we still caught people who missed out and have been inquiring about next year. We will be booking our regular big group classes as well as making more private classes available this year as it was a big request! We will do a mail out in Oct/Nov once we have nailed down a date/location for classes as well as a schedule of how many private classes we will be able to take on. If you would like to get onto this mailing list so that you can ensure you don’t miss out on our wreath classes send us an email with your contact info and let us know whether you are more interested in our group or private classes!

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