2016 Spring Bridal Gala

As most of you would know, two weeks ago was the With This Ring spring bridal gala at the Westerner. Travis went on a much deserved vacation with her family, so we (Erin, Jana and myself) were flying solo! Not going to lie, we were a little stressed because we really wanted to do a good job and make Travis proud. Our hard work planning, designing and setting up was worth it and we managed to win second place for best booth!! Despite a few hiccups that happened along the way (as they always do with events!) I was so pleased with how everything came together and was super proud to be representin’ Calyx.

It was a really busy and fun day, we got to meet and chat with a lot of new brides as well as chat with lots of brides who have already ordered with us! Bridal galas are also really fun for us because we get to do some visiting with some of our wedding industry friends. I love the special little community that Red Deer has, and that we all try to work together and help each other out! That said, I want to mention a couple vendors who were extra awesome to us at the gala.

First up – Special Event Rentals. Not only did they help us out with our gorgeous rentals (the stunning wood table, chairs, backdrop, linens, cocktail tables, napkins, goblets, plates AND flatware) they really helped us out. We ended up needing some extra items short notice and they went above and beyond to accommodate us with items that really finished off our booth! Set up can get pretty busy for everyone, but they never once made us feel like we were a pain in the bum and their help was HUGELY appreciated!!

Second – Jessica + Jesse at One Bright Day Photography. Now for those of you who know me, know that I can be a bit of a spazz. It was getting late, we were almost done our set up, we were getting tired, we were hungry and we started having some issues hanging our sign and things were getting a bit frantic. After creeping on Jessica + Jesse, they stopped setting up their own booth and took the time to not only give us some supplies, but also took the time to help us hang it. They were so friendly and helpful, took a big stress off our shoulders (I mean what kind of booth would we have been without a sign!) and I know and Erin and I were super thankful they were so willing to lend a helping hand.

Third – Parkland Party Rentals. Let’s just stop for a second and talk all the changes they have undergone! Tons of renos have happened over the last couple years, and they have really updated their business! They were kind enough to get in touch with us to have some flowers in their booth. They had a great looking booth, with two different tables set up really nicely and we had the pleasure of jazzing them up with some flowers. I am really kicking myself for not snapping any photos, but they do have a couple here on their page. We really appreciate the opportunity to work together!

Fourth – Sugar by Tracy. We have had the opportunity to work with Tracy a few times and always love what she does! She was kind enough to give us a cake to use, which we were able to display in our booth and dress up with flowers, because if there is anything better than a delicious cake – it is a delicious cake with flowers. Thanks!

Last, but certainly not least, a super huge giant thank you to Chelsie Graham Photography + our former bride Ali Allison! Ali got up early to get all dolled up with beautiful hair and make up and showed up to model for us in her gorgeous wedding dress. It really makes a huge difference having a model bride to show off the bouquets than just propping them up on random things haha. And Chelsie was one of my former brides from almost 6 years ago! She is always so happy and did such an amazing job capturing our booth. She did such a beautiful job photographing our big tablescape and also took the time to shoot some of the small little details – she kept snapping photos until she felt she had got EVERYTHING. We think she did such an awesome job capturing our booth and are so happy she took the time to help us out! With that said, here are her gorgeous photos – enjoy!

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