2017 Wedding Trend Predictions

Wedding season might have slowed down, but we sure haven’t! Next summer is already filling up as we are keeping busy with consultations. It is always an exciting time of year planning all pretty wedding things! Today we thought we would share a few things we think we are going to be seeing more of in 2017 that you might want to know about as you plan your special day!


Garlands are huuuuuge right now. There are a million different ways to do them, and all of them are pretty! Delicate garlands to accent a seating chart or chairs at the head table. Dress up cake table or centerpieces with beautiful, lush garlands. Cover an archway with a massive garland with or without flowers which can later be transferred to the reception. Jazz up the huge chandelier at your reception with some gorgeous greens. They are reasonably priced, and they can really help fancy up a place with just a few simple pieces.


For so long wedding flowers have been tailored, neat, tidy bouquets and arrangements with little to no greens. This is no longer the case! Don’t get me wrong, I will always love a big bouquet full of flowers, but greens really are awesome. They are lush, they add colour and visual interest. They add movement to bouquets, which sounds like not a big deal but this really does catch peoples eyes. They create a more natural looking design. And if these aren’t reason enough – they are cheap..ish! Part of the reason bouquets can add up so much is if you have a solid bouquet of JUST flowers, it can take about 30 stems to create a full sized bouquet. If most flowers range between $5-10 a stem… then it adds up pretty darn fast never mind your labour, ribbon, etc. Using greenery is pretty much the perfect way to make a big, lush, gorgeous bouquet without needing as many flowers.


Most brides know the more classic flowers – the roses, peonies, lilies, mums, carnations, tulips etc. However, there is a huuuuuge amount of flowers that brides don’t even know exist out there. The scabiosa (ugly name, pretty flower), freesia, anemones, eryngium, amaranthus, leucadendron, protea etc. The possibilities are kind of endless, and brides are noticing! There are beautiful colours, textures and shapes that are really striking. Getting to see these unusual flowers that are new and exciting can really make the process of picking out flowers very fun, especially for those who want their wedding to look unique.


The last few years have been ruled by pastels. Pale corals, mint, nudes, blush. These colours are soft, romantic and very pretty. However we are starting to see more colour. We are seeing more bugundy, greens, purples, navy, browns, amber. These colours are rich, passionate, regal – colours of substance. They are especially gorgeous with some metallic accents like copper or gold.

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