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One of the marvelous things about flowers is how they delight the senses. Not only are they pretty to look at, people love to touch them, gently touching the soft petals and lastly people LOVE to smell flowers. For so many people, the first thing they do when they receive flowers is bring them up to their face and inhale. There are lots of flowers that either don’t have any smell, or very little scent. Gerbera daisies, hydrangea, orchids. Many varieties of roses even have been hybridized to make them hardy and long lasting… and along the way lots of them have lost their scent. There is something magical flowers that smell amazing. Lilies, hyacinth, freesia, garden roses – their intoxicating aroma makes you fall a little more in love with them. It’s really quite romantic, I think.

This wedding is not only super pretty, but smelt AH-MAZING! The bride’s bouquet was full of fresh herbs – mint, basil, sage along with sprigs of lavender tucked throughout. The bridesmaids carried bouquets of lavender, which I am kind of obsessed with. The table centerpieces were all herbs in adorable little pots. I think incorporating scented flowers like this in your wedding adds a whole other element. As many of you know, scent is closely linked with memory – I would be willing to bet in years to come as this bride works with fresh herbs in her garden or cooking in the kitchen she will get little memory bursts from her wedding. I think that is pretty sweet. Please enjoy the wonderful photos from Lindsay Nickel Photography of this fragrant, romantic wedding.

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