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For lots of brides, choosing your wedding flowers can be tricky. One of the biggest reasons is that there is a whole magical world of flowers out there… and while most of you know the more common flowers like hyrangea, roses, lilies, tulips etc – those are basically just the tip of the iceberg! Florists get blabbering on about stephanotis, phalaenopsis, stock, craspedia, astilbe and scabiosa. We may as well be speaking a foreign language.

Your wedding is an important day, and you obviously want everything to look perfect, when your florist starts talking about all these different blooms that you are unfamiliar with it makes it very hard for you to try to visualize what it looks like. Thanks to google we can use the internet to bring up pictures of the flowers to hopefully help give you a better idea of what they look like which helps, but this leads us to the second reason it can be tricky. While bringing up the photos helps you get some sort of visual, it is very choppy and all you are seeing the individual blooms instead of seeing it as a big picture (and there are usually about 4 million color variations shown!).

We get tons of brides who have a lot of concerns; they worry that the roses we put in their bouquets won’t be the perfect shade to match their wedding colours, or brides that don’t LOVE one particular type of flower so they don’t want it included, or perhaps they want something included that really doesn’t compliment the rest of the flowers in their designs. It is because they are focusing on the individual pieces instead of the whole picture.

Try to think of a bouquet as a piece of art, because in a way it really is one! If you have all white flowers with just a few flowers matching your colours perfectly it is still pretty, but it is almost like a colouring page. Outlines filled in with a solid colour. Elegant, yet simple.

Hoever, if you think of a beautiful piece of art, it is usually more dynamic. There is a variety of colours flowing and contrasting together to create movement within the image.  We can do this for your bouquet! So when your florist suggests incorporating flowers that you have never thought of or aren’t an exact match to your colour scheme… be a little open… they know what they are talking about!

Take a look below at some of our favourite bouquets which utilize a rich contrasting mix of colours… and don’t be afraid to try some for yourself!

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  1. Kaycee Lunde
    Kaycee Lunde says:

    I LOVE lots of variety in colour and texture in a bouquet. I remember I had a bride with black tulips, red orchids, and amaranths in her bouquet and it was a masterpiece. Do you find that you can source seasonal flowers for most colour palettes year round Travis?


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