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I know that succulents aren’t super new or anything, but I still LOVE them. I love them in my flower beds. I love them in bouquets. I love them in terrariums. They are so cute, they can come in so many different pretty colours, shapes and sizes! And – fun fact – you can actually take your succulents out of your bouquet and plant them afterwards. We have them wired and taped to create a fake “stem,” but if you take them off and tuck them into some moist soil, it will grow roots and you can enjoy it as a sweet keepsake!

Travis designed this succulent bouquet this summer and it is one of my FAVOURITE bouquets. I absolutely love the gorgeous purpley tones of the succulents, the simplicity of the bouquet, and the really pretty gold stem wrap that adds an elegant element. It is earthy, it is pretty, it is just a really great look that could appeal to so many different styles. I hope you guys love it as much as I do! All the photos are from our wonderfully talented friend, Lindsay Nickel Photography.

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