Calyx Talks House Plants: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Today on Calyx Talks House Plants: Fiddle Leaf Figs! This trendy house plant is popular for good reason. It’s a gorgeous plant! Although, they have a reputation for being finicky and hard to care for, they just need a little extra attention than most other house plants. Read on for our tips and tricks to a happy fiddle!

First, let’s talk about where to place your fiddle in your home. They need plenty of bright indirect light to full sunlight because of their large leaf size. However, they hate drafts. Because this is Alberta, it’s best to not place this plant near a door or window. They also do NOT like to be moved, so once you find a home for it, don’t plan on relocating it. They are notorious for dropping leaves if they are unhappy.

As for watering your fiddle, we highly recommend getting a water meter. This takes the guesswork out of your care routine. These plants like to be at a meter level of 4 or 5. If your meter reads less than that, it is time to water, otherwise leave it be. One common problem is over watering. This leads to root rot in which the leaves turn black. On the other hand, under-watering can cause brown spots on the leaves which, again, leads to them drying up and falling off.

Furthermore, because of the large leaf size, they are prone to collecting dust. Regular washing with a damp cloth will ensure your plant is able to properly photosynthesize. Just make sure that when you wash their leaves, you also water them. Which makes logical sense  since the leaves would get rained on in nature at the same time the plant gets water 🙂  Having a humidifier in your home might not hurt either!

If this seems daunting, don’t be dismayed! Once you figure out your fiddle’s preferences and nail down a routine, you will have a very happy plant! Fiddle leaf figs come in a variety of different sizes, kinds and price points, so you can always start small if you are a bit nervous. But have faith because they grow well once you figure out how your plant likes to be cared for!

Thanks for tuning in to this Calyx Talk. If you are searching for your new fiddle variety, pop into the store to check out our selection! And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We are happy to help! 🙂  Cheers plant lovers!

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