Calyx Talks House Plants: Succulents

Today on Calyx Talks House Plants: Succulents! This easy to care for plant is the perfect beginner plant, but is also beloved by so many seasoned plant parents as well. These plants are available in numerous varieties and so many shapes and colours. They look amazing planted alone in a pot or in a garden among other arid climate varieties.

Succulents often grow in dry climates with little humidity therefore they only need to be watered once every three weeks. They love sunshine so be sure to place your plant in bright light all day long. A succulent that is not getting enough light will “search for the sun” by growing really tall towards the light with lots of space between the petals. Easy peasy right?

In conclusion, a big thank you to Lindsay Nickel Photography for the photos and to Prospector Visual for the Videography! I hope you feel inspired to give succulents a try if you aren’t already an avid succulent lover! Check us out in-store to browse our selection and find the succulent variety for you! Thanks for tuning in to this Calyx Talk!

Calyx Talks House Plants: Succulents – Vendors:
Florist: Calyx Floral Design
Videography: Prospector Visual
Photography: Lindsay Nickel Photography

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