Florists Supply Featured Florist 2024 – Travis Mills

Florists Supply, a premier Canadian floral wholesaler, has selected Travis Mills, our fearless leader and wonderful boss lady, as their featured florist for 2024!!

A little bit about Florists Supply – they are a leading Canadian wholesaler for not just fresh cut flowers, but pretty much any floral related product you can think of. You might think “What more does a florist really need other than flowers and vases?” The answer is – actually quite a lot.

It can take so many little tools, techniques, mechanics to put together floral designs that are not only beautiful, but strong enough to not fall apart, and also try to keep the flowers alive as long as possible. Florists Supply is a one stop shop for all these floral needs.

They, of course, carry high quality fresh cut flowers (they have partnered with a number of certified Fairtrade Flower Farms!), vases/pots containers, permanent botanicals, ribbons/trim, stuffies, seasonal products/decor, giftware, packaging supplies and all the essential items like floral tools, foam, wire, glue you name it!

Their main office is in Winnipeg, but also have locations in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. They sell to a number of different businesses such as florists, garden centre/greenhouses, interior designers, event planners, restaurants/hotels, and commercial businesses. If you think they could be the right provider for your business’s needs, you can register with them here.

Travis Mills

If you are here reading this, chances are you already know Travis, but in case you are new here and haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her I would LOVE to tell you a little bit about her.

I’m skipping the formal introduction for her; this is the real scoop. Travis is beautiful, always fabulously dressed, creative (obviously), caring, and not just a dreamer, but also very much a DOER. She is a super hard worker in everything she does.

At home she is a dedicated mom to her son and two stepdaughters. She is a loving wife to Murray – who is very present at Calyx helping Travis’ visions come to life with his building skills, assisting in delivery/set ups, and aiding in store emergencies – like little florists in need of caffeine and/or sugar.

Travis’ other other half is Erin. If you know Travis, you probably know Erin! Erin is the cutest. Travis and Erin are chosen family and their relationship is enviable. An excellent team, they work together to tackle their to do lists that are regularly very hefty. More than just coworkers, they care about each other and have each other’s backs – appreciating each other often and checking in to make sure the other takes time for rest or has a bite to eat. They even share clothes. And when they aren’t working, they might be found having a beer together after a busy day of flowering and even vacation together. Could they be any more adorable?

Travis is more than just a business owner or a boss – she is a leader, which I really admire. Her ability to take her visions and figure out how to make them a reality is impressive. Like I previously mentioned, she is a SUPER hard worker, and her grinding inspires her team to also bring everything they have to the table. She runs a tight ship, with excellent organization and well thought out systems to support staff to learn/do well, make hectic holidays run smoothly and ensure all the details of the many weddings they do are taken care of with the utmost care. She has curated a group of women who are also beautiful, caring, talented and hard working – and truly a TEAM. I count myself lucky getting to get to be a part of it and am so proud of Travis’ success and much deserved recognition!!

Featured Florist Fun

So, what exactly does it mean to be Florists Supply featured florist? It means that Florists Supply selected Travis out of all of their customers to be their brand representative for the year! You may recognize the names of some of the previous featured florists – Cory Christopher in 2022 and Donald Yim AIFD in 2023. This honour presents a lot of fun opportunities that are mutually beneficial for Travis and Florists Supply!

Thus far, Travis did a large photoshoot in the fall to showcase a number of Florists Supplys gorgeous flowers and hard goods. It was a great chance for Travis to do some fun installations, like the giant ice cream cones and the beautiful fade tablescape. Travis’ work was then featured on the front page and throughout Florists Supply’s Spring/Summer catalogue. This spring she was flown to the Winnipeg location to do a similar photoshoot featuring their new items for the fall/winter catalogue. The photos will continue to be highlighted on Florists Supply’s social media and their monthly newsletters as well.

Travis also got the opportunity to attend Donald Yim’s course for Education Week in Edmonton. Getting to learn new techniques from other florists is always so amazing, and I know Travis also enjoyed getting to know some new florist friends!

Recently, Travis also hosted a lunch hour webinar to 150 florists! She discussed her method of designing bridal bouquets and some tips and tricks. With her teaching background, Travis excels in sharing her floral knowledge with others!

She’s not done yet though, folks! Coming up we have some social media takeovers planned as well as another webinar.

Florists Supply is also sponsoring a Fleurs De Villes event at the Calgary Stampede! This is going to be SO so neat, guaranteed there will be some FABULOUS floral instalments! Travis has big plans to create BEYONCE out of fresh flowers, and Hank Snow out of permanent botanicals!!! Stay tuned, this is going to be unreal!

Lastly, after her feature year concludes Travis will teaching at Education Week in 2025 where she will share with florists how to successfully design multiple weddings. There will be a ton of designing and a styled shoot at the end so not only will the participants get to take home their work, they will also get some professional photos as well!

We want to extend a big, heartfelt thank you to Florists Supply for this privilege – it has made for a very fun and exciting year!

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An unparalleled experience.

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