Lisa + Dan

This wedding is super near and dear to my heart! Lisa is one of my BEST friends. I met Lisa in grade 5, and I will never forget her in her super sweet yellow Nesquik shirt. Next year it will be TWENTY years since we have met, and that makes me feel really old haha. Majority of the concerts I have been to have been with Lisa. She is smart as a whip, super chill and HILARIOUS. Dan is the perfect guy for her, and I am so happy my beautiful friend found someone so great for her. I love spending time with them and was truly honoured to be part of their special day. There were many ooey gooey warm feels and I think it is so magical to get to witness two people so in love.

Lisa did such an awesome job planning their wedding, it was ridiculously adorable. Aside from a super cool venue they had a games room for the reception to play video games and jenga, boozey bottles for centerpieces, a fun photobooth/guestbook, delicious treats, cute paper garlands, instagram pic coasters favors and a ton of other super cute details. Lisa gave us a rough idea of what she had in mind and then gave us free range to run with it, which is pretty much our FAVOURITE thing to do ever. I may be baised, but I had a lot of fun planning and designing for this wedding! I could blab on and on, but I will just cut to sharing some of the photos from their wedding.

Venue: Yellowhead Brewery

Photography: Diamond Cake Photography

Doughnuts: Moonshine Doughnuts

Flowers: Calyx Floral Design, naturally

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