Olivia and Kale’s Luxe Banff Springs Wedding

Olivia Luxe Banff Springs Wedding

I am very excited to share with you all Olivia and Kale’s luxe Banff Springs wedding! This wedding was absolutely stunning, with so many gorgeous flowers and details. There were so many beautiful photos, I had a hard time selecting my favourites. Without further ado, grab your coffee and come along for the flower ride!

First and foremost, let’s start with our radiant bride, Olivia – she was the picture of grace. With her modest and sophisticated dress in combination with her stylish small bridal bouquet of delicate blooms, her look reminded me of the royal weddings. Olivia’s posy bouquet was created with some quintessential bridal flowers, spray roses, lily of the valley, sweet pea, and astilbe all in white. Lastly, the bouquet was finished off with a simple, white silk stem wrap.

Likewise, Olivia’s bridesmaids all looked exquisite! I loved the assortment of muted pastel tones for their dresses. The splash of colour was a posh touch of spring for a June wedding. All of the girls carried a white posy bouquet matching Olivia’s that contrast beautifully against their gowns!

Not only did the ladies look fabulous, but the men cleaned up pretty nice, too! Kale and the groomsmen looked very suave in their timeless, black and white attire. I’ll admit, I am a sucker for a navy or burgundy suit, but black is a classic for a reason – and it was very well suited for this elegant occasion. We designed the boutonnieres with fragrant sweet pea blooms, sprigs of lily of the valley as well as a couple of their leaves. Against the dark fabric of their suits, the boutonnieres had a very sharp, polished look!


Now, let’s take a look at this ceremony! The Banff Springs is a spectacular venue. It is full of rich, warm tones, ornate details and unique design elements that create a sense of grandeur. The room is fabulous all on its own. It is such a treat to get to add floral elements that enhance the elegance of the hall. We used a lot of rich green foliage in combination with lots of white and light blush blooms to create a look that was both organic and exceptionally romantic.

The beginning of the aisle was framed by two big, billowing arrangements. Full of hydrangea, roses, spray roses, scabiosa, peonies, spirea, and lavish greens. These arrangements were accented with several pillar candles, creating a little ambience.

Above the big archways surrounding the room, at each of the balconies, we designed lush, trailing arrangements overflowing with fresh Italian ruscus, delicate plumosa fern and podocarpus. The impact of the beautiful greenery throughout the room was enchanting! For the two main balconies at the head of the room, in addition to the vining greens, the arrangements included roses, hydrangea, spray roses and peonies. Incorporating these white flowers tied the balcony arrangements in to the floral arch.

And oh, the arch. The pièce de résistance. I feel like the pictures speak for themselves. This extravagant floral piece was magnificent. I love the gentle, organic asymmetrical shape and use of negative space as an alternative to a traditional archway. The arch pieces were absolutely bursting with greenery and flowers, and the effect was nothing short of magical. The size and natural feeling of the design created this grounding weight that drew in your attention, making a stunning back drop for our couple to say their vows.


Once the fairy tale ceremony concluded, there was a flurry of activity as the room was quickly transformed for the reception! I’m sure their guests must have been blown away with the gorgeous set up! Engaged by Darcie and her team expertly styled long, lavish tables, which we then adorned with flowers. I loved Darcie’s use of texture with the delicate linens and glassware as well as the romantic candlelight.

We designed pretty, soft white arrangements into low ceramic containers with flowers that had been used throughout the wedding. Hydrangea, roses, spray roses, spirea, sweet pea and peonies. Sprinkled between the arrangements and pillar candles were sweet, mono botanical bud vases at various heights. The combination of design elements created movement, carrying your eye throughout the composition.

A small cake table was set up at the floral arch. The simple cake displayed a cute topper and was decorated with loose blooms of sweet pea, spray roses and lily of the valley. Eye spy with my little eye, a new dress for Olivia! I love the chic strapless gown that she changed into for the reception!

In addition to their wedding cake, one of their relatives made up Kransekake for them. It is a traditional Scandinavian cake for special occasions, made out of moist, chewy almond cookie rings and glazed in royal icing. The shape is similar to that of cornucopia, to symbolize abundance and nourishment. Such a beautiful blessing to the couple!

All in all, a truly romantic wedding with many sophisticated elements and we were delighted to have been a part of the happy couple’s special day!

Thank you all for taking time to check out Olivia and Kale’s Luxe Banff Springs wedding, I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired some ideas for your planning!

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