Monday Mini Tip – Seasonal Flowers

We get asked a lot by brides “What flowers are in season for my wedding date?” There seem to be a few misconceptions about seasonal flowers and we just wanted to clear a few things up to make things easier for you!

There certainly are a few flowers that are seasonal – peonies, anemones, astilbe, hyacinth etc. If you have a flower that you are absolutely in love with and HAVE to have in your bouquet, definitely talk to your florist to make sure it is something we can get for you. Or, if you are a super planner, and you really care a lot about having a big, beautiful bouquet of peonies, then talk to your florist and plan your wedding during a time of year that they are available.

That said, there are TONS of flowers that are available year round. Don’t feel like you have a small list to chose from during certain times of the year. Because our supplier brings in flowers from all over the world, we have a long list of flowers that are available to you no matter the season.

Most people also have the impression that seasonal flowers are the cheapest way to go, which isn’t always the case. There are some flowers are available year round, and their price will drop during certain times of the year when they are in season. For those flowers, them being in season helps make them more cost effective. But, there are also lots of other flowers that are seasonal that aren’t your cheapest option. For example, blushing bride is one of my favourite flowers to use in a bouquet. I love their colour, I love their texture, I think they work for so many different styles and they are also great to use in boutonnieres. It is a seasonal flower, you can only get it during a few months in the year, and while they aren’t crazy expensive, there certainly are other options that would be cheaper. Them being in season doesn’t HURT, but using seasonal flowers isn’t always the cheapest way to go. If budget is your concern, make sure to let your florist know so that they can help find a good solution for you.

Seasonal flowers are lovely, it does make it feel extra special when you can only get it at certain times. And I mean, who doesn’t love peonies?! But don’t stress too much about what is in season. Instead, talk to us about what you would love to get out of your bouquet. There are always options! No matter the season we can design something beautiful for you that will compliment your look and style.

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