Calyx Talks House Plants: Snake Plants

Snake Plants are a very popular house plant right now for many reasons. This easy care plant is nearly impossible to kill. And if you have happened to kill one in the past, these tips will ensure that doesn’t happen again…

Technically known as Sansevieria, the Snake Plant goes by many different names including Mother In Laws Tongue and Cast Iron Plant. There are also a lot of varieties such as Mikado, Birds Nest, Laurentii, Sayuri, Zeylanica, Black Coral, Futura Robusta, and Moonshine… to name a few!

This plant does well in low to bright indirect light and can tolerate some direct sunlight. However, too close to a sunny window will cause the leaves to burn! But that’s what makes this plant so amazing! You can put it in a dark corner and it will be happy! Whether you have a tiny window or no window (but ceiling lights on all day), this plant will be just fine! And what better solution to brightening up the darker spaces in your home than with a cheerful and stylish plant baby!

As for watering, the Snake Plant should be watered thoroughly every 3 weeks or so, when the soil is completely dry. So easy! And if it makes it easier, pick one day a month to water, such as on the first Wednesday morning of every month. Or as I like to call it Water Wednesday! And if you want to be absolutely certain you aren’t over-watering, you can purchase a water meter that takes the guess work out of how much water is needed!

Snake Plants are also known for air purification! If cleaner air in your home is of interest to you, then this indoor plant is the perfect choice for you! I keep one in every bedroom because they help produce oxygen that promotes a better night’s sleep.

So even if you have a Black Thumb, I hope that you feel inspired by these tips to try again, because house plants aren’t just trendy decor!

Keep a look out for more Calyx Talks House Plants coming soon!

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