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Hello, friends – we’re back! Sorry for disappearing for a little while there! Along with being busy doing some beautiful photoshoots (that we are super excited to share with you!) we have been super busy with wedding season already, which started off with a bang at the end of March. I am sure you all have desperately missing pretty flower pictures so we are here to help. This beautiful shoot has been begging to be shared for quite some time now. We paired up with Vagabond Studios and Dawn & Day Jewelry to do a fun, hip little shoot.

Now, if you have been living under a rock (don’t worry, I love living under my cozy rock too) and haven’t ever heard of Dawn & Day you must go check them out immediately! Not only are the owners super sweet, but their work truly is amazing! Their jewelry has a pure element to it that I love. Simple designs that are very striking! You can check them out online, or they also keeps very busy doing pop up shops around the city. I think you can find their work right now at Copper Lane Hair Studio. So for those of you who still haven’t found something special for Mother’s Day… might be an option for you… just sayin’…

Anyway, love how this shoot came together. It has a touch of a boho feel to it without being too wild. I think this could be such a great look for a cool, informal wedding, elopement OR vow renewal. Mismatched, neutral bridesmaid dresses (that they may already have, and will totally wear again!) with some beautiful colour and texture added with flowers and jewelry. Because flower crowns. And amathyst necklaces. But seriously. This style of bouquet is totally hot right now. Instead of large, clean hand tied bouquets full of big blooms (which are still gorgeous!) we are seeing a lot more textured bouquets. Filler flowers, mixed smaller blooms, pops of colour, a bit of a wild flower look.  It adds a lot of visual interest, and can also add a lot potential for your bouquet to have more personality. We are already booking into next year, so if you are digging these sexy little bouquets give us a call to book a consultation!

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