Why are centerpieces so dang expensive?

Over the last year or two we have seen a rise in the demand for big, tall, beautiful centerpieces full of gorgeous blooms for impressive statement pieces. These centerpieces are aaaaaaamazing. They are romantic. They look good. They smell good. And they definitely impress. I can tell you that when you walk into the reception and see these massive, elaborate centerpieces it is absolutely stunning. I can totally see why brides are loving this look, but there is one problem. They aren’t exactly cheap. We have been having lots of consultations where many brides have been shocked at the price tag. These centerpieces start at a MINIMUM of $200, can sky rocket to over $1000 per table – though we find most sit around the $400 mark for a nice, full design.

Yes, really. No, we aren’t pulling your leg. We aren’t trying to suck your wallet dry so that we can slowly make enough money to take over the world. So why do they cost so much?

Quite simply, it is just a lot of flowers. To help put it into perspective, think of your bridal bouquet. Majority of our bridal bouquets sit around $300-350 and the biggest part of that price is not labour, but just the flowers. As far as size goes, bridal bouquets are not incredibly massive. These centerpieces really are much bigger in size!

We understand that this is a lot of money to spend on a centerpiece and that it really doesn’t take long to add up with several tables… so we do want to help! To help offset the cost, we have three styles of tall vases that we will offer as a complimentary rental when going with this style of centerpiece. To help us help you it is important for us to know your budget, so please let us know  how much you have allotted for flowers even if it is just a really rough idea. This way we can work with you to help find a balance between the look you have in mind and the budget you have to work with. We do have a few tricks to help make it more affordable and to ensure you get the most value out of them. Book your consultation today to find out more!

This is just the type of centerpiece that brides are falling in love with and bringing us pictures of. This big, beautiful design is by Karen Tran and is actually over $1000/arrangement – look at all those orchids!

This is one of our budget conscious designs

Another budget conscious option with matching lower centerpieces.

The matching lower centerpiece

This is one of our mid-range centerpieces we designed for our booth at With This Ring Bridal Gala a couple years ago

This is one of our higher spectrum centerpieces we designed for Parkland Party’s booth at With This Ring Bridal Gala last spring.

Love these flowers? Book your consultation today!

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