2016 Wreath Class

Hello everyone!

I know we are now a litttttllleeeee past Christmas, but we really wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the photos from our wreath classes we had done. Our good friend, Lindsay Nickel was generous enough to take photos during the Saturday night class that she attended and wanted to share with those of you who couldn’t make it out this year!

Special Event Rentals are always so sweet to us and they had kindly offered up their space to us again for our classes! Their warehouse is a perfect space with lots of room, and  their showroom was beautifully decorated with several gorgeous Christmasy tables. We brought over TONS of Christmas goodies – ribbons, berries, balls, sparklies (like a LOT of sparkles), pinecones, dried pods, cotton… you name it!

Before there has been too much wine consumption, we take care of the trickiest part. Making the bows.

Dawwww, look how much fun they are having!

After we have completed the pain in the bum ribbon work, we all got treated to some more wine! And delicious treats! Seriously, Marianne makes the most delicious stuff, and she always takes such good care of us.

After enjoying some scrumptious snacks, we did a little more talking.

And then enjoyed a little more champagne!

Then everyone gets to work designing and playing and gluing and getting covered in glitter and having fun. I have to say this is a pretty fun process to witness. Everyone works a little differently, and despite everyone getting one of four colour scheme boxes that we make up, everyone ends up with such unique wreaths! One of my favourite parts of working on projects whether it is my quilting or floral design or wreaths – is picking out all the products I am going to use. Playing with colours and textures and it really just gets a person excited to play.

As class wrapped up, we had a little backdrop so that people could take photos with their wreath and show it off. This year there were some dang good looking wreaths! Again, I can never get over how everyone comes out with something unique. Some more simple, some super full, different colour options. I really love seeing how proud people are of what they’ve made. I like to consider myself a maker, and across the board no matter what I am working on I love the feeling of taking a pile of STUFF and turning it into SOMETHING. It is a special feeling, and I truly hope all the beautiful people who came out to join us over the weekend got to experience it.

I know I have said it a million times, and I would say it a million more. I loooooove doing the wreath classes. It is so much fun creating with other people and it really is a magical way to get in the Christmas spirit. Along with the weekend of wreath classes we taught several private group classes and have been chatting about classes for next year already. Anyone in for learning how to make Whoville Trees?

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