Calling all Future Calyx Couples!

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I have written many blogs about our fabulous weddings, but I want to take a step back and tell you about the Calyx process that helps couples have those fabulous weddings.

The process begins with getting to know exactly what you are looking for. Our social media manager/floral designer/wedding consultant, Erin has put together a list of things to consider prior to booking your consultation.

Calling all future Calyx Couples- What to know before your floral consultation.

Budget- This is the least fun part so might as well get it out of the way at the beginning. It is important to know your floral budget going in so we can create realistic floral inspiration for you! There is nothing worse than falling in love with something and finding out it’s not within budget.

Venue- The style of the venue sets a vibe for the florals as well as knowing the areas that are available to showcase and decorate.

Number of guests- This can be an estimate, but it dictates many aspects of the wedding ie. table numbers & aisle length.

Colours and Theme of the day- This affects which florals to use to fit into the colour scheme and feel of the day as well as how they are designed.

Who is in your wedding- The main one here is the wedding party to determine how many bridesmaid bouquets or groomsmen boutonnières are required. What is often forgotten about is the additional special people in the wedding such as flower girls, ringbearers, ushers, MCs, the officiant, ect. Think about if you want any florals for these people as well (or doggos we have done some pretty fun floral collars just saying

Tables- Size, shape and numbers. This determines what style of centrepiece we design.

-Size: How large the tables are determines the size of centrepieces created to ensure it doesn’t look tiny and sad in the middle or that it doesn’t overwhelm the space leaving your guests dodging florals while eating. (not that I’d mind that problem too much)

-Shape: Whether the tables are round, long or square determine the shape the centrepieces are designed so all the guests seated get the best view.

-Numbers: This goes without saying this determines how many centrepieces will be needed, again this can be an estimate until closer to that date but will give you a good idea on how these will fit into the overall budget.

Corsages and Boutonnieres- Think about or ask if your family members will want a corsage or boutonnière to wear. ie Moms, Dads, Grandparents or any other close people in your life you want to stand out with some special florals.

-Bonus Question: Consider what style of corsage the ladies would prefer, Pin-on vs Wrist Corsage

-Bonus Bonus Question: if we selected Wrist Corsage what style of bracelet would be preferred ie. blingy, classic or simple (Don’t worry we will have examples of bracelets to show you)

General idea of what you want for florals- We are happy to guide you in ideas but it’s helpful if you have some floral inspiration, be that a Pinterest board or photos of your favourite flowers, to get us started. Think about the areas you want decorated and which florals are most important to you.

To make things easy we included this checklist

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for it is time to complete the pre-consultation form .  When your form has been received our Wedding consultants will reply via email to let you know if your date is available. Within the email there will be links to our social media, reviews, and information about our sister company.  Cost is always a huge part of the decision making when wedding planning, so we attach our basic pricing list to the email as well.

Yay your date is available! If you want to continue and see if we are a good fit for you the next step is to book an in person or zoom consultation.  A second email will be sent including a digital calendar giving you the opportunity to book a time that works best for you.  The consultation is a time to tell us all about your big day and give us an idea of your floral dreams including your absolute favorites and absolute “no thank yous”.

With all the notes, sketches, and visions at hand the magic begins. The consultants create an in-depth pre-liminary quote/proposal complete with pricing, descriptions, pictorial examples and contract details.  From there you have two weeks to look everything over and decide if you would like to book.  If you decide to proceed a deposit is required as well as a signed contract.  This does not mean that things cannot be added to or removed from the proposal this just ensures that you have the date booked.

I hope that this makes the process clearer and that you to will become a Calyx Couple!

Love these flowers? Book your consultation today!

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