Calyx Charming Christmas Elves

Dashing through the store
its time to start the day
through the greens they go,
Designing all the way
So many Who’s to make,
and delivery cards to write
what wondrous beauty they’ll create
before they say good night

Oh, Calyx Elves, Calyx Elves
what will they make today
a wreath, a compote, centerpiece
or a seasonal bouquet
Calyx Elves, Calyx Elves
designing all the way
Oh, what fun they will have
and beauty to display

A night or two ago,
my best gals by my side
we thought we’d take a class
that only Calyx could provide;
We made a centerpiece
and had all sorts of fun
Next year we’re coming back,
because Calyx is number one!

Oh, Calyx smells Calyx smells
Of cedar, fir and pine
Come on in and take a sniff
and leave all your cares behind
Oh Calyx Elves, Calyx Elves
you make a beautiful sight
with glitter on your noses
and smiles so big and bright!

With all the sales now done
and flowers all displayed
its time to say good night
and elves be on their way
It’s been a fantastic year
Red Deer you are the best
We shall see you very soon
But for now we all will rest

Calyx Charming Christmas Elves

Calyx Floral Design

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