Hello everyone,

I know that it is still so nice and warm out and it seems like Christmas is FAR away, but…

winter-comingand with it, Christmas Party Season! We know lots of Christmas activity starts up in November with decorating and celebrations. Today we wanted to share some of our 2015 Christmas options for those of you doing the party planning.




What’s not to love about these little grinch trees!? They are super festive, very versatile, and (most importantly) incredibly adorable! These can be done in many different colours and styles to suit your preferences and are available in two different size options. Our smaller option is in a 3.5″ container and sits about a foot tall for $20, and the bigger option is in 5″ base and sits approximately 20″ tall for $45.





wreath centerpieceThis centerpiece is an 18″ wreath made with a mixture of beautiful Christmas greens jazzed up with items of your choice (twigs, Christmas balls, pine cones, etc) in your colour scheme with a pillar candle in the center. These are great for giving away or raffling off at the end of evening as the guests get their choice of using it as a wreath on their door OR as a centerpiece on their table at home – $50 each.







This is a great, flexible option. A great mix of winter greens, with or without candles depending on your preferences, fresh flowers to compliment your colours/style and Christmas accents (bows, berries etc). Available at several price points to match your budget – $25, $40, $60 or $100.




cranberriesSuper simple and sweet, three cylinder vases at varying heights filled with cranberries and topped off with a floating candle for a little light and sparkle. $20






imageThis is a really beautiful rental option for a look that is both glamorous and affordable.  Three feet tall manzanita branches in either natural (pictured) or sandblasted (beige) strung with jewels and accented with orchids. Available with floral base or mixed winter greens depending on price point. Can be rented for $30, $45 or $60.








These natural manzanita trees are 8ft tall and are a great rental option to dress up the decor of the room! They look absolutely magical done up with lights, jewels and a decorated base. We have six available to rent out for $75 each, $20 to added hanging jewels, $40 for winter green base. Other decorating options are available, please inquire for customized pricing.









In addition to providing centerpieces and decor items for Christmas parties we have also kept busy the last few years providing winter decor items for your homes. Winter is one of the BEST times you can have your home decorated with florals because the greens just freeze and last all season! We offer wreaths, garlands, and outdoor pots that we can design in a range of colours and styles.

  • WREATHS $50 or $75
  • GARLANDS $10/foot
  • URNS start at $120 each, not including the pot OR $175 each including the pot

Last, but not least we are of course doing our wreath classes again this winter! We have had so much fun with them in the past and this year we are making them a little extra special. But! We will save that for another day, stay tuned to catch all the info on this years wreath classes which we will share in the next couple days. Until then!


Hey everyone, how much are you all LOVING this cold streak we are having?? I am really thankful that the cold weather held off until November, but my goodness it really does have a bite! As long as we are all freezing our buns of we may as well have fun getting ready for Christmas!

One fantastic thing you can do is check out All The Pretty Things Market next weekend. Not only will you be able to get some Christmas shopping done (or possibly some presents for yourself? haha) you will be supporting local vendors and some really talented Red Deer people! There is a Soiree on the Saturday night that is SOLD OUT, but stay tuned on our facebook page as we still have FOUR tickets that we will be giving away over the next several days! You can also come Sunday from 9:30am – 3:30pm at Festival Hall. Travis and I are going to be there with tons of pretty things – wreaths, outdoor urns, Dr. Seuss trees, centrepieces as well as tickets to our class!

That’s right my friends it is time for our second annual wreath class! Travis and I both had SO much fun last year doing the wreath classes. I am slightly biased, but I really do think these classes are awesome. I personally love getting to share my passion for flowers with other people and see them getting to learn how to make something beautiful, it is a good time, especially if you bring your mom or a few gal pals and I can GUARANTEE that you will feel more in the Christmas spirit after doing this class. I can also guarantee you will be covered in glitter, which is a secret to getting in the holiday spirit along with singing loud for all to hear.

We will be hosting the class at the Morrisroe Activity Centre (which is at 5 McIntosh Ave) on Dec 6th. There are two class times available, 10am and 1pm, we do have a size limit so don’t wait too long to get your ticket! We will bringing all the necessary product/tools (if you have something special from home that you would like to include you are more than welcome to bring it!) along with coffee, snacks and some cheesy smiles! You can register HERE or contact Travis at travis@calyxfloral design.ca

If you are unable to attend the wreath class, but would like to buy a beautiful wreath made from fresh winter greens for yourself, or a neighbour or your family don’t worry! We will have plenty to purchase that we can make in any colour combination you can dream up, just email Travis or drop us a line on our facebook page. we will also be taking custom orders for centrepieces and outdoor urns! And now, for your viewing pleasure some pictures from some of our winter work last year!

Hello, all! I hope you have been enjoying the spring weather as much as I have been. I am sure that we probably have another snowfall or two in our future, BUT things are starting to turn green – and in my books that means spring is officially here! Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, only two weeks away. This year we thought we would do something fun and since we had so much fun with our wreath making classes, we have decided to do some Mother’s Day classes. This way not only does Mom get something beautiful to take home, they also get to spend quality time with their kids AND get to learn a new skill. What’s not to love? We have three different class options to accommodate different age range of kids, though for the most part the age ranges are just recommendations so there is some flexibility.



Fairies are enchanted little creatures, known to be protectors of nature and anyone who encounters one will be blessed with good luck. Fairy gardens are becoming more and more popular, and why not, they are adorable! Whether you believe in fairies or not, fairy gardening is all about inviting a little magic into our lives with a lot of fun and creativity. There are endless options of what you can do with your fairy garden, and once you have designed it you can continue to tweek it over time – or just make more! We will have some accessories for the fairy gardens, along with materials to make some, but feel free to bring any items you have from home that you think would be a good fit! With this class mom + tot will work together to design one fairy garden to take home with them.

$60 for mom + tot together
In the event you are bringing multiple kids, or are bringing an older child and you would like to make an additional garden, it would be an extra $60 for each garden made.

Terrariums are such an awesome way to keep plants in the house! They don’t make a mess (no leaking water/dirt from the bottom of a pot), they create a humid little environment that the plants love, they are easy to care for and they look great! With this class mom + teen will learn how to best care for their terrarium and because it is a relatively easy project they will each get to make their own terrarium to take home.

$50 each

TWO FOR ONE ADULT CLASS – minimum age 15
This class is really fun, full of learning! Both mom and offspring will get a bundle of flowers that they will learn how to design TWO ways. First they will learn how to design a traditional hand tied bouquet, then we will take apart the bouquet and everyone will learn how to make a centerpiece! This is great because so many people love flowers, but just don’t know what to do with them when they get home. Everyone will get a vase, and will bring home centrepiece! Because this class has a higher difficulty level we will stay firm with our minimum age.

$60 each

The classes will all take place on Saturday, May 10th. Classes will be held at Lacombe Outreach School (5346 50th Ave in Lacombe, AB). We will start off the day at 10am with the adult class, followed by the fairy garden tot class at 1pm and last but not least our teen terrarium class at 3pm. Because we will be bringing in fresh product which needs to be ordered in advance, we will require you to pay for your class to secure your spot to prevent wasting product. Cut off for registration will be Sunday, May 4th at 7pm, though we only have room for about 14 people per class so don’t wait too long! If you would like to book in your spot you can click HERE, or if you have any additional questions please email Travis at travis@calyxfloraldesign.ca or leave us a message on the Facebook page.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to designing with you!


For those of you who weren’t able to make it to our classes, I wanted to share how they went. Before the day started I was feeling kind of nervous, almost like it was the first day of school! It didn’t take too long before my jitters disappeared and I got lost in the glitter and festive excitement. Travis started off each of the classes demonstrating making a wreath from start to finish so all the students could get a better idea how to select items that would all compliment each other and also to see how those individual items all come together to create a gorgeous wreath. After the demonstration all the students selected their ribbon and together we went through how to make a bow as well as some loops and tails to be tucked throughout the wreath. From there they selected their decorations to match the ribbon, Travis brought a TON for everyone to chose from. Then everyone pretty much just went to town! As they worked away Travis and I were right there to help answer questions. Everyone had really paid great attention to Travis, so there was only a little assistance needed really, a little help picking out final items to finish off their wreaths or figure out good placement but overall everyone did such a great job!!


One of my favourite parts was getting to see what everyone chose to go with in colour and style. We had some earthy, natural wreaths with burlap, cones and twigs and other wreaths completely covered in bold, beautiful colours and bling. Some women even surprised themselves with what they chose, originally planning to use traditional red, greens and gold and walking away with a stunning wreath in fuchsia and silver!


All in all it was a really fantastic day, it was great to see so many people come out to play with us and at the end I was 100% feeling the Christmas spirit! Just to remind people if they were sad that they weren’t able to make it out, if you get a group of 5 or more people we can host another class for you! You can just send us a message on the Facebook page or you can email Travis at travis@calyxfloraldesign.ca to find out more info. Or, if you aren’t the crafty type and you just want to simple buy a wreath already decorated in your colour scheme, we can do that for you too! We have quite a few that are already done up and ready to go or we can custom make something just for you, they are selling fast for just $45!! Some of our students left the class with not only the wreath they made, but also 2 or 3 more to take home for friends and family.


We were both so pleased with how the classes went and consider our first try a success!! We are hoping to host more classes in the future – perhaps some more holiday classes, some simple classes on how to pick out healthy plants/flowers OR some super fun classes to help DIY brides to learn how to properly assemble the basics (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres). We are going to spend some time in the near future mapping out some class plans, and your opinions are important to us! If there is something that you have always wanted to learn, we would love to hear from you. Until next time, check out some more wreaths from this weekend!