Twas the Week Before Christmas in the Grand Calyx Shop

Happy Christmas Travis

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all thro’ Red Deer,

Many shoppers were shopping, in search of good cheer;

With a year of the virus, restrictions, and masks,

They were tired and cranky needing Christmas Cheer fast; 

While in the shop they call Calyx of Floral Design,

There were smells of fresh greenery fir, cedar and pine

With welcoming sounds of carols and giggles galore

Lois called out Whoville Trees…They’ve ordered 10 more!

With Travis in her high heels and Erin in her hat,

Got to work on those trees and were done just like that

When out from the backroom they heard Leigha shout,

The Cedar, the Cedar we are almost right out!

Away to the computer Travis did scurry,

I shall order some now and tell them to hurry

Flooding in BC and no roads for delivery

This for sure will have impact on our Christmas productivity

The sun barely risen on that magical shop,

Jana fills the cooler, designing non stop;

Our customers are coming and they want things for Sharin

Now Alisha, Now Elaine, Now Leigha, Now Arynn 

Wreaths, compotes, bouquets and planters to

Oh the Whoville trees… So many to do!

The cedar arrived in Calgary but late

How will we manage, what’s our who fate

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

A hero to save us from certain despair

But Teresa, our driver so awesome and quick

And who’s that beside her.. It must be St. Nick.

With hopes of more cedar and shoppers about

The gals they got busy.. no one is left out!

With glitter on their noses and joy in their hearts

They continued to work though their fingers did smart

The customers exclaimed as they came in the door

Your shop smells amazing like nothing before!

When the last shopper departed and they closed up the shop

They were weary and tired quite ready to drop

But the joy of the season gave them a boost

Happy customers and reviews of beauty produced

Then off to their families those tired Elves went

A break was in order 100 percent!

Merry Christmas to all and the best of wishes for 2022!

Twas the Week Before Christmas in the Grand Calyx Shop

Calyx Floral Design

Lindsay Nickel Photography

Candy Koated Studio

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